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Target Health Chiropractic Clinic

121 South Norwood Hill

South Norwood London SE25 6DD


There may be a solution

to being in constant pain right here today!

Established in 1996 and moved to the current premises in 2008, we are currently witnessing our most successful period since opening the clinic. We are delighted so many of our patients are finding our treatments of such great benefit. Why not allow us to help you in the battle against aches and pains it may, with our help and experience be possible to relieve.

The majority of patients come to the clinic complaining of physical problems but we aim to check and treat the whole person where necessary. Physical, metabolic and emotional conditions are targeted towards reaching optimum health. We use Chiropractic to diagnose and treat physical conditions, Applied Kinesiology for internal/metabolic conditions and N.E.T. for emotional stress.

Please contact us by phone or email on: to discuss your symptoms especially if you are not sure whether we will be able to help your condition.


Monday to Friday: 8.40am to 6.20pm 

Saturday: 8.40am to 1.00pm

CALL: 020 8771 2070



First treatment - £46.00 (40 minutes)

Subsequent treatments - £36.00 (20 minutes)

CALL NOW: 020 8771 2070


How genuine

whiplash / car  accident injuries

affect the spine.